A historic week for women in Israel, and it has only just begun

Tuesday, December 4th 2018, will be remembered as a historic day in Israel. In the north, center and south, a great movement arose. Women from all walks of life, from every sector, religion and political identity – raised their heads and called out together against the neglect of women’s lives and against a political system that does not acknowledge us.

It was a very significant year, but have no doubt – we have just began. In the coming year, the national elections will be held and we intend to place our security, our welfare, our lives – at the heart of the public discourse and the national agenda. Watch my speech in Rabin square in front of 30,000 people:

The Israel Women’s Network is proud and happy to have had the privilege to be a part of this ongoing protest, along with dozens of inspirational partners who worked together to make it happen. With your help we will continue to make history.

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