published: 06/04/2020
Dear friends,
Last week, a selection of women’s civil society organizations from all sectors was convened for a round table meeting with members of government, to discuss women’s issues stemming from the coronavirus crisis. The table was attended by equal numbers of participants from the government and from civil society organizations. Cooperation between the organizations led to a proactive gathering of women’s needs where the government’s involvement is required: for women who are victims of violence or sexual assault, for single mothers, for women’s employment conditions, for social security needs, etc. I have the honor of being the Chair of the civil society representation (with immense help from Yael Sinai, Government Liaison Director at the IWN).
We must all work together to promote change and set priorities and policy that accommodate women, especially from underprivileged groups, in this emergency situation.
After three weeks of sheltering in place (for Israelis), and as the air is definitely thinning at home, we will be celebrating Passover this week. There is no doubt that this year, more than ever, we are aching for some of this holiday’s promised freedom…
Michal Gera Margaliot
Executive Director
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