Our board

The IWN seeks to promote female leadership in all aspects of life. It is privileged to have at its helm a dedicated group of women who volunteer their time to steer its direction. Democratically elected by the IWN, board members are composed solely of professional women, who have chosen to dedicate their spare time to changing the status of women in Israel.

Chairwomen: Ella Alkalai


Ella Alkalai, currently serving as IBI’s Vice President Business Development and Chairman Investment Portfolio Management, has acquired more than 20 years of work experience in various fields of the capital market.  In 2012, as part of her activities with and on behalf of women in Israel, Mrs. Alkalai established the "Invest in Yourself" women's financial forum. The forum comprises meetings, lectures and various activities for women who wish to expand their knowledge in financial fields.  Ella Alkalai graduated from Tel Aviv University where she earned her undergraduate degree BSLS (Bachelor of Science in Life Science) and graduate degree MBA Physiology and Pharmacology. 

Linur Dloomy


Linur Dloomi is head of the Risk Management Division and a partner at Deloitte – a leading Financial Services and Advisory company which provides comprehensive solutions for internal audit and control, cyber, business intelligence, crisis management, regulatory compliance, risk management, and information systems. Linur has over 17 years of experience in providing risk management services to multinational companies and corporations. She serves as a personal auditor for a number of Israeli and international leading companies. In addition, Linur lectures about risk management, fraud prevention and internal auditing. Linur is an executive member of the Association of Internal Auditors as well as a member of the expert team of the Government Companies Authority.

Hana Rado

Hana Rado is a business-social entrepreneur, founder and president of the Supersonas initiative for promoting the presence of women at the intersections of influence and decision-making in Israel and around the world. In addition, Hana is the founder and president of the business services outsourcing ventures Desert Nineteen in Mitzpe Ramon and Lev Nineteen in Safed. She is also the chair and co-founder of Spring Valley and founder of McCann Valley digital solutions, and the 2016 Duns & Bradstreet winner of Social Excellence in Business Excellence. Previously, she served as CFO of Strauss and vice-chair of the McCann advertising agency. She is a leading activist for gender diversity and representation at decision-making positions, and works to promote gender equality and respectable jobs for women in the business world.

Vicki Idzinski

Vicki Idzinski is a social entrepreneur, one of the founders of the 1.5 Generation organization of Russian speakers in Israel, representing their point of view on issues of gender, religion, economy, history and culture. Within the organization, Vicki co-founded and co-facilitated a feminist group of Russian-speaking women. Viki holds an MA in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University, an MA in Clinical Psychology with honors from the Ruppin Academic Center, and a bachelor's degree with honors from Tel Aviv University in Psychology and Computer Science. In recent years, along with her social activities, Vicki has been working as a social analyst at Midot.

Heli Jacobs

Heli Jacobs is the CEO of Kibbutz Nir David's Tourism Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kibbutz Tsuba’s Tourism Corporation, and owns the consulting firm Bina Yetera. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Legal Studies. She is a businesswoman and a partner in the Facebook community Religions Women Talking Business, comprising 11,650 members. Heli is a Fellow in the feminist Connect for Influence program, operated in collaboration with NCJW and the Gender program at Tel Aviv University.  She was involved in developing the department of Religious Tourism at the Society for the Protection of Nature, establishing Circassian and Druze women's employment courses at the Ryan Center, and developing the Eshet Chayil program for women's employment and entrepreneurship in the ultra-Orthodox sector in cooperation with the Chasidey Lev organization.

Yael Patir

In recent years, Yael Patir managed the J Street organization in Israel. Her role included representing the organization in Israel and abroad, establishing ties in Israel, hosting and fundraising for delegations of Jewish leaders and members of Congress, and organizing meetings with the Israeli leadership – MKs, civil society leaders, and business people, and vice versa in the US. In her previous position, she worked at the Peres Center for Peace in the position of Assistant Director General, and managed a department charged with connecting between Israeli civil society and Palestinian civil society.

Shlomit Yarkoni

Shlomit Yarkoni has 30 years of experience in strategic planning, business and social enterprise management and investment and fundraising. In 2010, she established Shlomit Yarkoni – Strategy and Resource Development as a consulting company for social-business on strategic issues and fundraising. She was VP of the New Israel Fund, Director of the BRM Institute of Technology, Director of IVN, Israel Venture Capital Network, and managed the Latet organization. From 2003 to 2012, she served as a board member of the IWN, and volunteered in a wide range of other organizations such as Sexual Assault Victims Help Centers, Goodwill Ambassadors, Political Leadership Center, Space, and Bina.

Maha Karkabi Sabbah

Dr. Maha Karkabi Sabbah researches and lectures on family sociology at the Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College and the University of Haifa. Her research focuses on the effects of socio-economic changes on behaviors in the family, and on promoting gender equality in the home and in the labor market, particularly in the Palestinian Arab population in Israel.

Yosepha Tabib Calif

Dr. Yosepha Tabib-Calif is a faculty member in the Department of Education at the David Yellin College of Education, a teaching associate in the department of Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a member of the academic management team of the Hoffman Program of Leadership for Outstanding Doctoral Students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a social activist with extensive activity over the years, especially in the field of Mizrachi Feminism. She served as chairwoman of the Achoti for Women in Israel movement, and worked for several years at Shatil.

Bat Sheva Schtruchler 


Bat Sheva Schtruchler initiated, founded and directs the Friends Association of the Israel Women's Network.  Last year she initiated, produced and succeeded in editing and printing the 30th book published by IWN; a book which recounts the history of the organization since its inception. During the many years of her active participation in the organization, Bat Sheva headed the project “Employer’s Award” for the advancement of women in the labor market, established the forum of elected officials in local government, guided the project "Woman of Valor" for the return of women into the labor market in the periphery and was active in many diverse projects. Throughout the years, Bat Sheva worked to recruit resources for the IWN’s activities.

In the past, Bat Sheva ran the Teltan Organization (a movement for promoting and fostering excellence in youth), founded and served as secretary general of the Women's Council to the Tel Aviv-Jaffa mayor’s office, was appointed by the Authority for the Advancement of Women as an advisor to advance the Status of Women within the local authorities and served as a consultant under several government ministries: Minister of Health, Deputy Minister for Senior Citizens, Ministers Gideon Sa'ar and Gilad Erdan in the Ministry of the Interior and currently serves as a consultant to the Ministry of Welfare.

Bathsheva is a member of the Board of Directors of the “No2Violence” Organization: no to violence against women, a board member of the commercial and industrial sectors of the Israel's Business Club (IBC), CEO of Career and Business Women's Forum which is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, a board member of the National Council for Volunteering and a member of the board of Yiddishspiel Theater. Bat Sheva was appointed by the Minister of Welfare to the Forum on Gender Equality within the Ministry of Welfare.