Our Board

The IWN seeks to promote female leadership in all aspects of life. It is privileged to have at its helm a dedicated group of women who volunteer their time to steer its direction. Democratically elected by the IWN, board members are composed solely of professional women, who have chosen to dedicate their spare time to changing the status of women in Israel.

Chairwomen: Ella Alkalai

Ella Alkalai, currently serving as IBI’s Vice President Business Development and Chairman Investment Portfolio Management, has acquired more than 20 years of work experience in various fields of the capital market.  In 2012, as part of her activities with and on behalf of women in Israel, Mrs. Alkalai established the “Invest in Yourself” women’s financial forum. The forum comprises meetings, lectures and various activities for women who wish to expand their knowledge in financial fields.  Ella Alkalai graduated from Tel Aviv University where she earned her undergraduate degree BSLS (Bachelor of Science in Life Science) and graduate degree MBA Physiology and Pharmacology. 

Bashir Fahoum Jayusy Adv

During her professional career as a lawyer, particularly as a long-standing labor law attorney, Bashir Fahoum Jayusy handled cases dealing with women’s rights in the workplace and applicable legislation including litigation before various courts. The advancement of the status of women was mainly embodied in her various public activities which operated in different frameworks and whereby she served as a member of Executive committee, and later on, as co-chairman of the Abraham Fund initiatives. Atty. Fahoum Jayusy was a partner in the initiative; planning and implementing various organizational programs focused on the empowerment of Arab women; encouraging employment of Arab women and providing tools and training initiatives (for example, the enterprise “Sharikat Haya” – Life Partners); encouragement and training of Arab women’s leadership in the community as well as in the local and national political arena (women leadership courses for the rights of Arab women in different regions).

As a member of the Board and in capacity of the different positions she held at the University of Haifa, Bashir initiated actions aimed at raising issues related to gender and the status of women on the executive agenda. Today, in her role as Chairman of the Audit Committee of Haifa University, Fahoum has added issues to the university’s audit plan that had never been checked – issues concerning the review of gender wage gaps, gender representation at the administrative level and other such topics.  

Miri Holzman Adv

For more than twenty years Atty. Miri Holzman has volunteered for various activities directed, among others, to promote the rights and status of women in Israel in addition to her involvement in supporting the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center Hot Line, of which she has been a member for many years and to which she was twice elected to be a member of the center’s organizing committee. At the center, Miri acted on behalf of crime victims, fought to promote the rights of crime victims in the justice system and focused her voluntary activity at two levels: individual counseling and legal representation of victims of crimes of serious legal proceedings and in the public sphere in the promotion and advancement of legislation and active participation in the Status of Women Committee and the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice.  For the past six years, on a weekly basis, Miri has supported the Israel Women’s Network Hot Line. Miri assists the Israel Women’s Network legal team respond to women’s inquiries, trains volunteers and students in the IWN’s efforts and in responding to the variety of needs that arise. 

Prof. Daphna Hacker

Professor Daphna Hacker is a researcher and teacher at Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law and in the Women and Gender Studies Program. She holds her bachelor degree and master degree in law and her doctorate in sociology. Her research focuses on the intersection of law, family and gender. She teaches family law, feminist theories of law and additional courses focusing on gender.  Some of her publications include the book “Parenthood in the Law – Behind the Scenes of Custody and Visitation Upon Divorce” and “Family Issues Through the Lens of the Law”.

Prof. Hacker’s activities on behalf of women spans more than two decades. She became a lawyer for IWN after receiving a grant from the NIF (New Israel Fund), founded, with others, and served for a decade as a Board Member of the Itach-Maaki Women Lawyers for Social Justice organization and headed the Forum for Women and Gender Studies – a Tel Aviv University volunteer organization of professors working to create bridges between academia and society. Professor Hacker served on a government committee to examine the legal rules regarding parental responsibility in divorce and wrote a minority opinion supporting the primary parent caretaker. This position put her at the forefront of the struggle against attempts to weaken women and mothers in divorce proceedings. In 2013, Prof. Hacker received the  “Katan Award” for her work on behalf of women; an annual award bestowed by the “Ruach Nashit” (“Women’s Spirit”) Organization to academician volunteers active in the advancement of women in Israel. 

Mirit Herzfeld

Mirit Herzfeld earned her BA in Economics and MBA from Tel Aviv University. She is a partner at “Hertzfeld – Cohen Business Consulting” and a mediator.  She joined the Israel Women’s Network serving as a Board Member since 2012, a member since 2004 and a friend of the organization since its establishment. She is active in various initiatives in fields promoting the status and empowerment of women. Mirit is also a member of the Herzliya Municipal Women’s Council. In 2009-2010 she served as Chairman of the Women’s Council of the IWC (lnternational Women’s Club).  From 2002-2008 Mirit served as a member of the board of “WIZO Herzliya Pituach” and held the position of Chairperson of Social Affairs and Chairperson for Status of Women. Within this framework she worked in the field of development of youth leadership. As an active member in “They – Association of Women Herzliya” since 2002, Mirit took a course in women’s leadership and supported the underprivileged population of mothers of children attending after school centers. 

Nana Chen

Nana Chen holds a BA degree in Political Science from Bar-Ilan University, is Vice President of the Rafaeli Group which is engaged in real estate development and investment and international trade, City Councilwoman of Or Yehuda and Chairman of the “One by One” Association. By virtue of being Chairman of the Municipal Parents Association for over a decade and a city council member since 2003, Mirit has proven, on numerous occasions, to be a fighter for human rights and an upholder of the integrity of government. Among other things, she bears responsibility for promoting the status of women through the prevention of discrimination and by establishing the status of women in the municipality and city. Mirit founded the organization “One by One”, in conjunction with leading women of the Ono Valley, with the vision of fostering collaborative thinking and pooling of resources between six cities to promote gender equality in the fields of business, employment, society and politics.

Prof. Daphna Joel

Prof. Daphna Joel is the head of Behavioral Neuroscience and head of the doctoral committee at the Tel Aviv University School of Psychology as well as a faculty member at the Sagol School of Neuroscience. Prof. Joel’s main research field focuses on issues related to sex, gender and the brain, including the question of whether there are “female brains” and “male brains”, the effects of sexual abuse on the brain and the relationship between sexuality and gender identity. Prof. Joel works in academia and elsewhere to promote thinking regarding gender and gender equality as head of a forum of Women and Gender Studies at Tel Aviv University, by lecturing voluntarily across the country and by providing voluntary gender thinking assistance to several departments of the Ministry of Education, including the department for equality between the sexes, SHEFI (Psychology Services Consultations of the Ministry of Education) and the Department of Science.

Prof. Hanna Nave

Prof. Hannah Naveh has worked for almost 45 years at Tel Aviv University as a staff member of the Faculty of Literature and as Dean of Faculty of Arts from 2006- 2013.

Hannah has dedicated her time to research and education in the various areas of women and gender studies and in the development of feminist theories. Besides teaching countless male and female students and landing master and doctoral works, as a feminist, her work has focused on the promotion and cultivation of thought through research and practice.

In 1999 she led the establishment of an academic course program of Women and Gender Studies at Tel Aviv University, the first and only one of its kind in Israel at the time, and headed it during its first six years.

Shirel Nakdimon Adv

Mrs. Nakdimon was admitted to the bar in 2000. From the beginning of her career as a lawyer, Shirel made it her goal to promote equality with an emphasis on the advancement of women in the labor market.  Towards this purpose she directs extensive legal and social activities.

As a partner at the law firm Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon is the head of the department of Labor Law. The Department of Labor Law, under her direction, specializes in cases of discrimination, in all its diversity, for women’s rights and prevention of sexual harassment at work. In addition, it provides legal services to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Women’s Court and provides volunteer legal counsel to the Urban Women’s Rights Center of the Rishon Lezion Municipality.

Shirel has volunteered at IWN ever since being specialized and currently serves as a member of the IWN Executive Board and as a director of the enforcement system.  In addition, Shirel lectures on the subjects of sexual harassment and women’s rights on behalf of the Israel Women’s Network and crisis organizations that assist sexual assault victims and is a guest lecturer at Ono Academic College and IDC Herzliya’s Legal Clinic under the auspices of the Israel Women’s Network (IWN) at IDC. In parallel, Shirel is responsible for advising and guiding several companies regarding the sexual harassment law, is a member of the Labor Law Committee and the Status of Women Committee of the Bar Association.  In the past, she has served as Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the Tel Aviv District Council of the Bar Association. 

Since March 2016 Shirel has served as a member of the board of the Labor Law and Social Security Association.

Vered Perry ADV 

Vered Perry, a graduate of Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, has practiced law for over 25 years and has an independent office specializing in damages and insurance. Vered led the struggle and the legal proceedings against the tax authority to recognize child care expenses as expenses for tax purposes. Vered is Chairman (Joint) of the Torts/Damages Committee for the Tel Aviv District Committee of the Bar Association.  For the past two years, she has served as Chairman of the Status of Women Forum for the Bar Association. In this framework she is involved in feminist activity: launching gender equality line of the Bar Association, seminars on feminist issues (sexual harassment, women’s health, sexual assault women’s meeting and election of Orthodox women to the Knesset), ensuring representation of women in seminars, workshops and conferences of the Bar Association.  Vered is a board member of the Israel Women’s Network, active in the jurists’ forum and greatly assists the IWN legal team.


Tsvia Freidman

The artistic and creative Tsvia Friedman graduated from the Technion in 2015 with honors in the contemporary art treasures course. She earned her MA in Philosophy of Digital Information and Culture from Tel Aviv University and an MA from Bar Ilan University School of Education by majoring in technology and communication in education. She is a graduate of the Director’s course offered by the College of Management in cooperation with the Municipality of Herzliya, a Mediation graduate from the Goma Institute, a graduate of the Women’s Leadership Development course of the IWN which was provided in cooperation with “Tefanit” and the Open University in 1997 and a member of IWN since 1998. In the past she has been a member of the IWN Education Committe, the IWN Audit Committee and a board member since 2012. From 1999 to 2011, Tsvia served as head of the Israeli Scouts “Zofim” and as a member of a committee in the Department of International Relations of the Zofim. Today, she is active in the Zofim as a member of the Training and Operations Committees and takes an active part in the national screening of young people to send youth delegations abroad. Tsvia works towards equal opportunities in Zofim and in entrepreneurial education in the Massuah Institute for Holocaust Studies at Kibbutz Tel Yitzhak.

Michal Chernovisky

Michal Chernovisky has been active since 2005 in the Bat Melech Organization – an organization which aids religious and Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) women who are victims of domestic violence. In the past, Michal volunteered at the organization’s women’s shelter and, for several years, as a member of the organization, assists in recruiting resources and raising awareness of the ultra-Orthodox sector.

In 2013 Michal established the political movement “Metropolis – Mothers On Behalf of Elad”, which contended for the Elad municipal council. Although unelected to the council, the movement continues its activities in the city in the areas of culture, education, and supervision of the council’s work while focusing on the integration of ultra-Orthodox women in the city’s decision making centers. Movement activists include women and men, but its activities are led by the ultra-Orthodox women. In 2015, Michal established a parallel group in Bnei Brak whose activities are currently carried out in collaboration with the Social Economic Academy.

Since 2013, Michal has been a member of the core foundation of “Meoravot”, the ultra-Orthodox women’s coalition, to advance the status of ultra-Orthodox women in Israel, and since 2015, in “Nivcharot” (No Voice, No Vote), which focuses on introducing ultra-Orthodox women into ultra-Orthodox parties and into the Knesset.

Ilana Shoshone Adv

Ilana Shoshone, who holds a Masters of Law degree, served for many years as a producer of Hollywood films and works on the advancement of women in Israel and in the United States. During the time she lived in Los Angeles, Ilana established the organization “Women Empowering Women” working to promote female entrepreneurship and women’s involvement in politics. Nowadays, following her return to Israel, she is engaged in promoting the business initiatives of women from disadvantaged groups as well as lecturing throughout the country about the effects of media on women’s self-image and how to break through the glass ceiling.

Bat Sheva Schtruchler 

Bat Sheva Schtruchler initiated, founded and directs the Friends Association of the Israel Women’s Network.  Last year she initiated, produced and succeeded in editing and printing the 30th book published by IWN; a book which recounts the history of the organization since its inception. During the many years of her active participation in the organization, Bat Sheva headed the project “Employer’s Award” for the advancement of women in the labor market, established the forum of elected officials in local government, guided the project “Woman of Valor” for the return of women into the labor market in the periphery and was active in many diverse projects. Throughout the years, Bat Sheva worked to recruit resources for the IWN’s activities.

In the past, Bat Sheva ran the Teltan Organization (a movement for promoting and fostering excellence in youth), founded and served as secretary general of the Women’s Council to the Tel Aviv-Jaffa mayor’s office, was appointed by the Authority for the Advancement of Women as an advisor to advance the Status of Women within the local authorities and served as a consultant under several government ministries: Minister of Health, Deputy Minister for Senior Citizens, Ministers Gideon Sa’ar and Gilad Erdan in the Ministry of the Interior and currently serves as a consultant to the Ministry of Welfare.

Bathsheva is a member of the Board of Directors of the “No2Violence” Organization: no to violence against women, a board member of the commercial and industrial sectors of the Israel’s Business Club (IBC), CEO of Career and Business Women’s Forum which is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, a board member of the National Council for Volunteering and a member of the board of Yiddishspiel Theater. Bat Sheva was appointed by the Minister of Welfare to the Forum on Gender Equality within the Ministry of Welfare.

Dr. Yofi Tirosh

Dr. Yofi Tirosh is a legal expert who teaches at Tel Aviv University. Her research focuses on law, society and culture, with an emphasis on body and gender. She teaches labor law, non-discrimination, justice and food, body and Justice, and an academic advisor of the Human Rights Clinic, in the framework of which she initiated a legal battle to prevent the exclusion of women at funerals.

For several years she has led public and legal battles to prevent separation of the sexes and discrimination against female students and female professors in ultra-Orthodox academic programs. She is a member of the Advisory Board of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. For years she served on the executive committee of the organization “Tmura” and of “Itach–Maaki” in which she was a major partner in leading the process of formulating a comprehensive action plan on the subject of women, peace and security. As a law student, she volunteered on the “Israel Women’s Network” hotline.

Dr. Roni Halpern

Dr. Roni Halpern explores gender issues in literature, media and popular culture.  She has taught at Tel Aviv University since 1993 and the Women and Gender Studies Program since its inception.  From 2012 to 2016 Dr. Halpern headed the Gender Studies Program of Beit Berl College. She is a renowned lecturer in many contexts outside academia and seeks to make the feminist thought accessible and as popular as possible, through status and political action.  Her publications include: “Body and Its Discontents: Israeli Women’s Fiction from 1985 to 2005”, KM Press and “Where Do I Stand: Gender Perspectives on Space”, published by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Beit Berl College.