IWN's Legal Hotline for Ultra-Orthodox Women in the Workforce: First Year Activity Summary

The Legal Hotline for Ultra-Orthodox Women in the Workforce was established in October, 2017, as a separate extension of the hotline that has been operating at the Israel Women's Network for more than 30 years. The designated line was established based on the understanding that working women in the ultra-Orthodox sector have unique characteristics and needs that necessitate an adjusted response, and it offers such women legal assistance in the field of employment law, free of charge

Upon the completion of the hotline's first year of activity, we observe the desire and aspiration of many female employees in the ultra-Orthodox sector to be able to be employed fairly and legally. The large number of women who called the hotline during the past year indicates the need for the unique response that it provides and the importance of taking systematic actions to make information more accessible to women in the ultra-Orthodox community and to expand their access to legal instances.

Read the report below summarizes the first year of activity of the Legal Hotline for Ultra-Orthodox Women in the Workforce: IWN Hotline for Ultra Orthodox Women 2018.docx