published: 30/04/2020
Dear friends,
I would like to share with you a report we published today, Women and COVID-19: The Impact of Crises on Gender Equality.  Based on a review of international research, the report, written by our policy and legislation director Shai Oxenberg, describes how times of crisis may deepen existing gender inequality and disproportionally affect women as compared to men. Available on our website in Hebrew with a synopsis in English, the report examines the management of the 2008 world economic crisis and the Ebola and Zika health crises, and reminds us that men are better positioned to deal with economic crises. Reasearch shows that men generally enjoy better economic security, as they have higher status and wages in the labor market, and hold more wealth. But the report also presents the potential embedded in the current, coronavirus crisis, to either erode hard-won achievements to women’s rights, or to harness gender equality as an engine for strengthening the entire society.  Let us hope that the second option is employed this time, for the benefit of us all.
Stay healthy and safe,
Michal Gera Margaliot
Executive Director