Introucing the Israel Women’s Network’s new Executive Director

My name is Einat Fischer Lalo, I’m a lawyer with an LLB and a LLM from the University of Tel aviv, currently working on my doctorate in administrative law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I’m 45 years old, I was born in Givaatayim and have spent most of my life there, and today I […]

מדיניות משרד החינוך בנושא שוויון מגדרי הייצוג המגדרי בספרי הלימוד והחינוך לשוויון מגדרי במערכת החינוך הלכה למעשה

במחקר זה עמותות אלטפולה, נשים נגד אלימות ושדולת הנשים בישראל חברו יחד על מנת לבחון את הייצוג המגדרי במערכת החינוך הן בספרי הלימוד, הן בסביבה הבית ספרית והן בעמדות בקרב הצוותים החינוכיים במסגרות החינוכיות. לבדיקת הייצוג המגדרי בספרי הלימוד בחרנו מדגם של עשרה ספרי לימוד משלושת החטיבות: 7 ספרי לימוד מהיסודי שבהם 4 ספרי לימוד […]

טיפול המשטרה במקרי רצח נשים פלסטיניות אזרחיות ישראל

מחקר השוואתי שנערך ע"י עמותת נשים נגד אלימות, מרכז אלטופולה ושדולת הנשים בישראל חוקרת וכותבת: שירין בטשון עשרות נשים נרצחות מדי שנה בישראל. זהותן של הנרצחות כמו גם של הרוצחים חוצה זהויות וקבוצות. כלי הרצח ומניעיו משתנים לעתים מקבוצה אחת לאחרת אבל התוצאה זהה: נשים מקפחות את חייהן בשל מגדרן בישראל. המצב בישראל בכל הנוגע […]

Newsletter- How crises impact gender equality

published: 30/04/2020 Dear friends,I would like to share with you a report we published today, Women and COVID-19: The Impact of Crises on Gender Equality.  Based on a review of international research, the report, written by our policy and legislation director Shai Oxenberg, describes how times of crisis may deepen existing gender inequality and disproportionally affect […]

Newsletter – Protecting women during the coronavirus crisis

published: 06/04/2020 Dear friends,Last week, a selection of women’s civil society organizations from all sectors was convened for a round table meeting with members of government, to discuss women’s issues stemming from the coronavirus crisis. The table was attended by equal numbers of participants from the government and from civil society organizations. Cooperation between the […]

?Newsletter- Where have all the women gone

We are approaching the third elections in one year in Israel, and in terms of women’s representation – the situation keeps going downhill… Before dispersing itself prior to the April 2019 elections, the Knesset boasted a record number of women since the establishment of the State of Israel: 35 women served as MKs. We had hoped for […]

Ministry of Education: Boys to the Field, Girls to Dance

Etti Aflallo, Calcalist, April 24th, 2019 The mismatch between the labor market and the education system is one of the main barriers to better integration of women into the labor market. This problem has existed for many years, and even more than 20 years ago, it led to the enactment of the Long School Day […]

Interior Ministries’ promotion of the periphery, Negev and Galilee: Women are not on the agenda

Etti Aflallo, Calcalist, April 24th, 2019 Director General of the Ministry of the Interior: Mordechai Cohen, Director General of the Ministry for the Advancement of the Periphery: Ariel Mishal, Head of the Population and Immigration Authority: Shlomo Mor-Yosef, Director-General of the Negev Development Authority: Moshe Mor-Yosef, Director General of the Galilee Development Authority: Shlomi Atias. […]

The government of half the people: this is how the state harms women

Etti Aflallo, Calcalist, April 24th, 2019 The Interior Ministry promotes exclusion. The Ministry of Public Security is not doing enough to prevent violence against women, and the Ministry of Finance is delaying raising the retirement age for women. In a special project of the Israel Women's Network and Calcalist, we examined the extent to which […]

Ministry of Justice: Then came the judge who brought us back

Etti Aflallo, Calcalist, April 24th, 2019 Chief Executive Officer: Ami Palmor, State Prosecutor: Shai Nitzan, Legal Advisor: Avichai Mandelblit, Public Defender: Yoav Sapir. The Ministry of Justice under the outgoing minister, Ayelet Shaked, has signed a series of important achievements in the field of gender equality – but the Israel Women's Network expresses concern about […]