Ministry of Transportation: Women at the back of buses

Etti Aflallo, Calcalist, April 24th, 2019 Director: Turner Foundation, Director of the Public Transportation Authority: Amir Asraf, Head of the General Directorate: Rachel Tevet Wiesel, Director of the Civil Aviation Authority: Yoel Feldschu. The term of the current government has been characterized by a massive development of roads and a severe failure to develop public […]

Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services: Failed to Combat Violence Against Women

Etti Aflallo, Calcalist, April 24th, 2019 CEO: Avigdor Kaplan, National Insurance Institute Director: Meir Spagler, Director General of the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority: Arie Bibi, CEO of the Rehabilitation Center: Ariel Levy. The Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services has two main branches: the labor force and the welfare branch. Both of these have great […]

Ministry of Public Security: Increase in the number of weapons and murders

Etti Aflallo, Calcalist, April 24th, 2019 Director General: Moshe Edery, Security of Secretary: Avi Edery, Prison Service Commissioner (Acting): Asher Vaknin. The Ministry of Justice under the outgoing minister, Ayelet Shaked, has signed a series of important achievements in the field of gender equality – but the Israel Women's Network expresses concern about the future: […]

Ministry of Defense: Do not increase the number of combat soldiers

Etti Aflallo, Calcalist, April 24th, 2019 CEO: Udi Adam, IAI's General Manager: Nimrod Sheffer; Rafael CEO: Yoav Har Even "The Ministry of Defense's gender monitoring focuses on the IDF," explains attorney Miriam Zalkind of the Israel Women's Network (IWN). "The structure of the army and its conception as the army of the people, and the […]

Ministry of Finance: Net gender

Etti Aflallo, Calcalist, April 24th, 2019 CEO: Shai Babad; Accountant General: Rony Hizkiyahu; Chief Economist: Shira Greenberg Head of Housing: Zeev Bielski; Head of the Budget Division: Shaul Meridor The Ministry of Finance has a very central role in almost every aspect of our lives, since it is the office that decides to a large […]

The Right to Fatherhood: Recommendations for a Parental Leave Policy Reform in Israel

Summary Public policies encouraging fathers to take up parental leave after childbirth have been proven to not only have positive effects on fathers and their children, but also to have a positive influence in changing traditional gender roles and advancing gender equality in the household and labor market. As a result of these findings, many […]

An Interview with the IWN's manager of the Exclusion of Women project

Elinor Davidov: The battle against exclusion is not only a feminist battle Elinor Davidov, the manager if the IWN Exclusion project has been chosen as one of the 50 Social Change Heroes of 2018. Here is a short interview with her about the important work she does Elinor Davidov, 39, began her political activism in the […]

A historic week for women in Israel, and it has only just begun

Tuesday, December 4th 2018, will be remembered as a historic day in Israel. In the north, center and south, a great movement arose. Women from all walks of life, from every sector, religion and political identity – raised their heads and called out together against the neglect of women's lives and against a political system that does not […]

IWN's Legal Hotline for Ultra-Orthodox Women in the Workforce: First Year Activity Summary

The Legal Hotline for Ultra-Orthodox Women in the Workforce was established in October, 2017, as a separate extension of the hotline that has been operating at the Israel Women's Network for more than 30 years. The designated line was established based on the understanding that working women in the ultra-Orthodox sector have unique characteristics and […]

Look what we achieved!

IWN's Executive Director, Michal Gera Margaliot, arrived from a visit to the US with a few insights. Read more